Star Trek 3

Star Trek: Alien Domain

Star Trek 1
Graphics in this game seem very cartoony most of the time, however the ships are recreated from the movies, which does add a little authenticity to the experience!
Star Trek 2
Planetary travelling is quite slow considering the speed of interstellar ships, but overall the game is more than decent when it comes to staying true to the stories from the movie.
Star Trek 3
The backgrounds for your base aren’t high quality, however the base on its own does look pretty decent, which is great!
Star Trek 4
Building upgrades are necessary, although they can be a little costly and that’s where the pay to win element is coming in.
Star Trek 5
Each building also has specific information and this does come in handy if you want to understand how it works and what it provides for you!
Star Trek 6
When you enter a sector and want to kill an enemy, you should use stealth, otherwise you might end up dying. Focus on the markers all the time if you want to find new missions!