Anno Online 7

Anno Online

Like in any strategy game, you have to start in the middle of nowhere and will have to conquer the world


I really loved the music of the game, sometimes found myself playing just to listen to the lady singing in high pitch


Too bad game didn’t let me start playing instantly, I HAD to go through all the tutorial


No battles, disasters or any stress in this game, which is a boring for a fighter inside me


Cash shop is not too annoying, though later in the game you’ll be very slow to progress without spending real money


Graphics of the game, considering it’s a browser game and in comparison with others games, are pretty


6 minute gameplay of Anno Online. Watch me to go through tutorial.


M&M Heroes Online 8

M&M Heroes Online

Heroes Online is graphically beautiful game, despite the fact that it runs in browser mode


Turn based battles requires you to be very strategic


There are not too many different troops in first levels of the game, so you can really master the strategy you should fight with.


You can create and manage your own cities, which builds you troops, gathers resources and can store some troops.


Game interface is clean and gives you only the information you need, without overwhelming with very detailed stats


Due to high quality graphics, sometimes you can experience some lag in the game, as well longer loading times


6 minute gameplay of M&M Heroes Online. Don’t laugh as I lost the battle lol