League Of Angels

Battles are repetitive and they can get boring since you rarely have control over the way you play, yet the way you improve your character can be seen in the battle sequences.
The game world looks very nice and you will love exploring it thanks to the multitude of locations presented here.
You have a spirit that will fight alongside you, however this can be more powerful than yourself which is a little discouraging, especially at first.
Lots of items can be seen in the inventory as you play, and the character does have stats too, although these can get very difficult to read and understand, so most of the time you might stick with the basic stuff.
The character doesn’t really have a lot of skills which is really disappointing to be honest, but overall the game does a great job in offering you multiple games to play.
Each enemy and friendly unit will attack in turns, and you have to take complete advantage of your turns as fast as you can!